define silver lining is window-based installation on the surface facade of an empty commercial unit. The work jostles between shop windows occupied and unoccupied. It incorporates abstract imagery derived from consumer packing and utilises promotional display strategies. The image works, installation and sound work invite thought on the ways in which we are affected by the technologies that support our lives. It prompts consideration of the technological acceleration of communication and commerce both before COVID-19 and those amplified due to the pandemic. define silver lining is accompanied by a sound work by VEINS (Karen O'Doherty, Marc Rensing, Pádraig Spillane). This work comprises rhythms with noises made from the workings of electronic devices, electricity, the sounds of connectivity; the background hums and statics of connective interfaces. This sound work can be accessed via this website and also through a QR code at the installation location on Grand Parade.